WITHOUT league matches over the summer, football mentions are now mainly about transfers.

Sackings or managerial changes would have realistically been done at the end of last season, so it’s about newcomers and supporters are keen to read all about it.

Managers will like to keep everything private regarding transfers until the very last minute.

Obviously, you don’t want other clubs to know who you are after and potentially alert people to them.

Sometimes you may not think a player would be available but things seem to get more publicity nowadays ahead of transfers being finalised.

The thing that intrigues me mainly is that on the big-level transfers, the players’ salary which he would get on arrival is often reported by the media.

That would never happen in the old days. What else that would often never happen is the amount paid for a player.

For instance this week, former Saints star Sadio Mane finalised his move from Liverpool to German club Bayern Munich for a reported £35.1million. The Daily Mail claims he has signed a contract worth £250,000 a week.

Some of the big names that have previously played for Saints would have been delighted to have received that reported figure in a year!

According to other reports, Romelu Lukaku’s wage at Chelsea has been listed as £325,000 per week.

Whereas Paul Pogba, who seems to be going back and forwards from Manchester United to abroad, has reportedly described a lucrative contract offer as “nothing”.

Obviously, there is more money coming into the English game now via TV, sponsorships, and owners coming in from abroad. But it still seems incredible.

Erling Haaland at Manchester City, who has just joined them on a five-year contract. His reported transfer fee was £51million and media outlets claim he is going to be on £385,000 per week.

I don’t think he will be trying to win The Pools!

Then, of course, I have mentioned many a time Gareth Bale. He is now a free agent after his contract at Real Madrid expired.

He has probably made enough money to be happy with and this is likely to be his last move. He will want to go to a club which he will enjoy his football at, ahead of the World Cup later this year.

I think I have mentioned before, I personally think it would have been nice for him to have finished up at St Mary’s.

But if he goes to Cardiff, where he was born, I can fully understand that.

Obviously in our day, transfers were handled by manager to manager. You would ask the other one if his player you were interested in was available.

Depending on his position, for instance a Brian Clough, Matt Busby, or Bill Shankly, they would tell you straight off.

Younger managers may have to ring you back after possibly discussing it with the board.

If you got an okay from the other manager, he would probably then put you in touch with his club secretary or chairman, to talk about a possible transfer fee.

The money side of it was often left for the two club secretaries to handle with the board. As a manager, you just wanted the player on the pitch.