I read the report from Micah Richards in your sport column.

He was a defender and not a stopper (goalkeeper).

When I played football as a stopper I was taught that the five yard box, the stopper has control.

Who knows what was spoken between Gavin Bazunu and Jan Bednarek!

In a previous game Jan made an own goal and the so called fans blamed him for the team losing. I am not even blaming Gavin, that is football.

Stoppers and the rest of the team are human beings. Human beings make mistakes.

Football fans are supposed to support the team and the manager no whatever the result.

This is something which I miss.

Saints lost to Liverpool under Nathan Jones.

After losing the next game one could see and read that the "FANS" wanted to get rid of him.

It was the same with Ralph Hasenhuttl.

Lack of support from the so-called "FANS".

When a team doesn't play as instructed who do you get rid of the manager.

The supporters from the early days are no longer present.

I suggest when you go home after a negative game look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you are real supporters of Saints FC.

I hope you all understand what you have read and start supporting not only the team but the manager even when the game was negative.

Good luck to you all!

John Cooper