Could someone at Southampton Football Club please tell us the fans why they want the manager at Swansea?

I mean to say: what has this guy done?

Swansea did nothing last season so why on earth would we want him here?

This has all the signs of another Nathan Jones.

I can not understand how the owners at the club can waste millions on players like they did last season but will not spend the money on a top class manager.

It just seems mad to me.

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I hope the new people who have come in to oversee the running of the club will first of all try to get some of the millions back on the big buys who will now want to leave now we are down.

We should play Tella and Smallbone who will know what it is like in the league we are now in after their loans last season.

It will not be easy to get back up but if we can keep some of the better players who are up for a fight we might do it.

I'm a Saints fan for over 60 years.

PS if JWP does leave the club good luck to him he has given Saints his best for many years - not bad for a young boy who came from Portsmouth.

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