Is the Saints manager living in the real world saying we went toe to toe with Leicester?

You can see why the Leicester manager turned the Saints job down because the club is in an utter mess.

Millions were wasted on players trying to keep us up last season and what have they done this season to try to get us back up?

Five players were brought in on loan and a centre forward who is injured.

It's clear to see this set-up is not going to work. To be honest, in the games we won this season we were lucky to win.

The club must act now or we will go down to League One like we did the last time we went down.

The defence is a joke and I see the under-21 team is letting in a load as well, so whoever is in charge of coaching the defence must be sacked now.

The manager has done nothing special at Swansea and all he seems keen on trying to do is play the ball out from the back all the time.

The club must be bold now, and I would say bring back Ralph now who I know had a wobble but is a much better manager than Jones and Martin put together.

B Jones