A LOCAL all-girls football team has received a new sponsor which means the team will be able to afford new home and away kits.

Marketing company Freedom-CS will sponsor the Hedge End Rangers where funding will also go towards a training space at Deer Park.

The team are a group of under-14s who have been inspired by the Lionesses winning the European Championships in 2022.

An appeal was sent out by head coach Leigh Strange, which is when football mum Liz Clarke offered to help out and she also found a co-sponsor in Alessio Bottiglieri from Hair Hype in Hedge End.

Clarke, whose daughter Lily plays for the team, said: “It’s been a pleasure watching the girls succeed in their league.

Daily Echo:

"With Lily having been involved in grassroots football since the age of eight, I’ve seen the difference that sponsorship can make.

"As a female entrepreneur and managing a team of mostly women, supporting an all-girls team is a perfect fit for us at Freedom-CS.”

Strange has revealed how important it was for the club to find sponsors as they look to win their remaining fixtures in 2023.

He added: "Sponsorship from two local Hedge End businesses has been critical for the team’s development this season.

"Football is a fantastic way for the girls to develop physical skills, stay active, and form friendships.

"I feel privileged to play a part in the ongoing development of the team along with my co-coach Ryan Parsons.

"Being able to tap into coaches from SFC, paid for by our sponsors, has also given the girls a fantastic opportunity to see what training every week can offer them for their future enjoyment of the game.”

Hedge End Rangers was founded in 1974 to help children get an opportunity to play football in a safe environment.