SAINTS defender Taylor Harwood-Bellis thinks Russell Martin could lose "10 in a row and he'll never change" - and insists that is what he loves about the boss. 

Harwood-Bellis, 21, has been schooled in the Manchester City philosophy of high-possession domination in games.

The England youth captain joined Saints in the summer, hoping to make the move permanent, because of the influence of former City chief Jason Wilcox and Martin.

Saints must get promoted to be able to activate their option of signing Harwood-Bellis from the English champions permanently but are now 11 games unbeaten. 

Harwood-Bellis praised Martin for the belief he has helped instill but insists it would be the same even if they were losing fixtures. 

He told club media: "What I love about the gaffer is we could lose 10 in a row and he’ll never change because that’s the way he believes football should be played – the lads do as well.

“In those four games that we lost on the spin, there was no one saying, ‘I think we need to change what we’re doing’.

It was, ‘We need to do what we’re doing more’, because we weren’t doing it properly. There are no disasters, no crises in our heads, we just look forward to the next game.

"I think the past 11 games have shown, barring the second half against Rotherham and Huddersfield, the way we want to play works, and we will dominate."

Harwood-Bellis continued: "There will be times when we’re under the cosh and teams are pressing us, and I think you feel it in the stadium as well.

"Fans might want us to get it forward quicker, but it’s not going to happen, because that’s not how we’re set up. It’s good to have the backing from the manager.

"Even mistakes, he’s not bothered, because that’s how he’s asked us to play. It’s impossible to play how we’re going to play and not make mistakes."

Harwood-Bellis conceded: "It’s just about minimising them, which I think we have done really well.”