MANAGER Russell Martin says he is concentrating on coaching and is leaving the transfer business to Jason Wilcox and co in January.

Speaking after Southampton's win over Plymouth, Martin warned that Saints would not be active early in January.

He continued that sentiment when speaking ahead of Southampton's FA Cup fixture against Walsall on Saturday.

Asked if there has been any worrying development early in the January window, Martin said: "No not that I know of. I speak to Jason (Wilcox) every day.

"As far as I know it is all in order and we speak every day at length about what we are going to try and do and also being aware of what could hurt us as well in the window.

"We’re trying to be prepared for that to make sure it doesn’t. It has been a fairly quiet start in terms of interest for our players. We are also really prepared on our end.

"So much of it depends on what happens with the Cup game this weekend with a lot of players getting games and people assessing their squads.

"January is normally quiet in general early on. It is a bit of a crazy window like that.

"You have to be prepared and keep in constant contact and let Jason and the guys do their stuff.

"I trust them and they only bring stuff to the table for me when it’s really important because we have a job to focus on.

"We’re concentrating on coaching the team and getting ready for the game. As far as I know, it’s all good."