SAINTS boss Russell Martin said he does not expect Sam Edozie to play 90 minutes “anytime soon.”

The 21 year old winger has been declared fit enough to make Saturday’s squad against Rotherham United.

Edozie has been out since early January having suffered an ankle injury against Norwich.

That injury has afforded Edozie with an opportunity to work on other aspects of his game - such as gym work. 

“When you are injured you have a chance to do things you wouldn’t do if you were playing,”Martin explained to the Daily Echo. 

“Most of that is physical and in the gym.

”He is a great athlete, but there were things that stopped him getting into the team every week. 

“His minutes were being limited more than he and we would have liked. 

“Sam and Gilly (assistant manager Matt Gill) have gone away after training to work on that stuff. 

“The improvement has been huge. As well as the physical stuff, Sam has watched the game with a different viewpoint. 

“He has seen how Ryan Fraser has performed so he knows he needs to come back in and play well. 

“He can also look at how Wee Man plays and see how he can adapt his game. 

“They are very different players - but there are certain principles to their roles. Sam has got better at doing those.”

Edozie’s last game came on New Year’s Day against Norwich, where he was forced off with an ankle injury during the first half.

It came after a run of games which saw the England youth international score three goals in his last six appearances.

Having spent over a month out, Martin insisted Saints need to ensure they do not rush him back too quickly.

“We are not expecting Sam to play 90 minutes anytime soon,” he continued. 

“But he is fit and he has trained really well.

“He hasn’t been out for a long time so fitness shouldn’t be a huge issue. 

“We still have to be gentle with him to ensure he is here for the long run.

“The amount of minutes he gets this weekend will dictate what he does next. 

“It has been nice to see Sam grow - he has become so comfortable being himself. 

“Watching that journey has been a pleasure. I really enjoy working with Sam. 

“My daughter’s screensaver is a picture of me and Sam Edozie, I have told him that. 

“She loves him, I love him and I think the supporters can be excited about him coming back.”