THE Hampshire Cricket board and Serious Cricket have teamed up in an attempt to enhance the game at the junior level.

The Serious Cricket Junior Championships (SCHJC) has been designed to help make cricket more inclusive in the county.

The SCHJC will be delivered by Hampshire, along with a volunteer committee as well as other people who are heavily involved in junior cricket.

It will see the current four-district split of the county adjusted to help leagues become more localised, which should reduce travelling distance for the players.

Serious Cricket is a Basingstoke-based company that provides equipment for all sports but specialises in cricket equipment and team wear.

Hampshire all-rounder Felix Organ insisted: "Junior League Cricket helped me a lot.

"I think as soon as you start playing competitively and your score matters it adds a bit of pressure, but I made friends which I still have now."

Neil Rider, managing director of Serious Cricket, said: “I hope that the partnership we have launched creates opportunities for youngsters to enjoy the game.

"(Hopefully it) gives them more opportunities for match play and that they get to play competitive cricket at their level, regardless of where they are situated in Hampshire."

Southern Vipers player Emily Windsor reiterates the chances younger cricketers get now are important for their development.

She added: “Grassroots cricket for women and girls has changed massively, particularly for youngsters and the opportunities they get now are phenomenal."