EVERY word Saints manager Russell Martin said in his pre-match press conference ahead of the visit to West Bromwich Albion. 

Any update on Flynn Downes and Che Adams injuries?

RM: Both will be very close. Whether or not they will be involved, we will have to wait and see.

They are both recovering nicely so we hope they will be involved. If not, they will not be very far away at all.

How have the boys reacted to Tuesday's defeat?

RM: Very well. Wednesday was about using everything we can to recover and the guys who didn't play trained very well. 

The rest of the guys got back on the pitch today and we have tried to give them the most information from Tuesday relevant to Saturday as we can.

I have really enjoyed the feeling among the players though, there has been no hangover and everyone is still smiling.

There was still some frustration on Wednesday but today it feels like everyone has moved on and we are ready for tomorrow. 

There is another challenge and it will be tough. We have had some very tough weeks and will have some more tough weeks moving forward.

I am really excited about the game and I didn't sleep very well last night, but that's through understanding what it takes and excitement.

I am so pleased we have another game so quickly and excited about what the team can go and do tomorrow night. 

We have dusted ourselves down and had a good balance between work and recovery, so now it's about putting it on the pitch once they step over the white line again. 

Coming up another team off the back of a win and with terrific home form?

RM: Every away game is a tough challenge in this league and they are great at home, they have only lost four games since Carlos Corberan has been in charge.

He is a very good coach and I have a lot of respect for him. They are a good team full of men, physical and powerful. 

They are well organised and will make it difficult. We have to be the team we want to be and we have a chance to show we are together.

I am excited about what the guys can put on the pitch and it's a brilliant game for us to make sure we bounce back.

Jason Wilcox - a tough one for the club and him if that comes to fruition?

RM: I hope it's people putting two and two together and coming up with five.

I have a lot of respect for Jason and it's no surprise people would be interested in working with him after his work here and long time at City.

I would like to think he would have a chat with us first if there was anything in it, he is so honest and so open. 

He has been a big driver of the culture we have here. I have nothing but praise for Jason for the work he has done with us.

He appointed a young coach who hasn't won anything before but he saw beyond that and I think he respects the work we do.

I hope we can continue to work with him for a long time. I can't speak on behalf of Jason but I hope it's something that blows over quickly.

It's a good thing for the club that people will get linked to roles like that. He has been great for us.

There is a lot of that in football. I think he feels he has a job here that he wants to see through but obviously I don't know.

You have vindicated his decision to appoint you?

RM: I hope he is proud of what we are building but I don't think it will ever be truly vindicated until we get to the Premier League.

What he has been tasked to do is build the club in a certain way and that has been implemented throughout the academy now.

We spend a lot of time with the players and coaches, especially in the PDP phase. I hope that will have a long-term impact for the club.

We have to have a short-term impact as well and I am immensely proud of what the team looks like, the identity of the team is so clear.

It's also the feeling, it's not tangible sometimes for those out of the club, but the feeling when you come in, the way the players treat each other and the connection with supporters.

I am really proud of that because it's totally different to when we came in and that's no slight on anyone, but it's natural when the club is relegated.

It has taken a big effort from everyone - lots of support staff - and it's one of the reasons we went on such a big run so now we need to do it again. 

Nobody here is getting too emotional over one defeat just like we didn't when we lost four in a row.