RUSSELL Martin insisted he was "humbled" by Crawley Town manager Scott Lindsey showing his players a clip of the Saints boss. 

Lindsey revealed he used a clip of Saints manager Martin speaking to show his players ahead of their 2-0 win over Forest Green.

In the footage, Martin spoke of the importance of trying to be the most hard-working of teams, and Lindsey used it to help get a similar message across.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Martin revealed: "He messaged me, Scott, and I was really humbled by that.

Daily Echo: Russell Martin is set to speak to press on Friday at 1:30pm ahead of the visit of MillwallRussell Martin is set to speak to press on Friday at 1:30pm ahead of the visit of Millwall (Image: Stuart Martin)

"I was really grateful that somebody actually thought I have spoken some sense at some point," he joked. 

"I messaged him after the game to say congratulations but I am sure it didn't help him at all to win the game, he did all of that.

"But yeah the fact somebody thought something I said would help his team to win a game is hugely humbling and really nice." 

Lindsey, speaking after his side's victory over Forest Green, explained: "We were good for the money today,”

“I thought Russell Martin made some really good points about running hard without the ball as well as with the ball. I thought the players took it on brilliantly.

“Both our goals came from the left side, which we had targeted, and our running stats were through the roof after having a game in midweek." 

Crawley, who sit 14th in League Two, went on to record another victory midweek with a 1-0 win at MK Dons rivals AFC Wimbledon.