Every word Southampton manager Russell Martin said ahead of facing Middlesbrough in the return to Championship action.

How are Brooks and Bednarek after the playoff on Tuesday?

RM: Janny took a kick in the first game for Poland before the Wales game.

He managed to get through the game as good as he could. He also felt a bit of a virus, the same as Brooksy.

They have both been assessed yesterday and look reasonably good. We have to make sure we are completely right, but they are both available for tomorrow.

They will both be involved. I think Broosky feels he could have played on a bit, but also understands that he wasn’t feeling at his best.

He has been ill for three or four days in bed. Luckily for us, both are ready to be involved tomorrow.

Rhys (Owen, head of conditioning) was at the game and text us to say they are both off. Thankfully it’s positive news.

And everyone else, with Walker-Peters and Fraser back in training?

RM: Everyone is good. Everyone is in a good place. Kyle has looked. Wee Man and Kyle have looked like they’ve never been away.

They are now available for the run-in, which is fantastic. Big Ross Stewart is back on the grass doing light work and will slowly be reintegrated back into the group.

Like I’ve said before, we shouldn’t expect too much from him. It’s great to have him back in amongst things.

Have you got everything you wanted out of the break? 

RM: They have done some brilliant work. The guys who have been here while the others went away for internationals have been great. 

We have enjoyed a bit of time on the training pitch and they have had a bit of balance as well with rest and recovery.

Some went away for a few days and did their thing, others just spent time with their family. Adam Armstrong's partner has had a baby.

Huge congratulations to them, that's really nice. It has been a good balance between working really hard and a bit of rest as well. 

Is there a bit of unknown for managers after a lengthy break like this? 

RM: We have looked at what we felt we needed to prioritise after the last few games

We played some brilliant football but conceded too many goals. It's the same process but there is no game to get evidence of the work done.

We have worked really hard and have kept reinforcing the stuff they're doing, and the rest will take care of itself. 

We also wanted to keep the feeling we had in the group and that is really difficult when you have lots of players away.

It is going to be a really interesting and busy five weeks and I think everyone is really excited about it. 

Does it focus everyone to have a 10-game block in five weeks? 

RM: You get so close to the end goal and everything you want to achieve. Every game you tick off now, you get closer and closer to it. 

Crazy things will happen in the league between now and the end of the season. There will be some strange games and strange results.

We have to take care of ourselves. The beautiful thing for us is that we have been written off by everyone. 

We have averaged two points a game and we have been completely written off which is really interesting and shows the quality of the other teams. 

We will take each day as it comes and we have a tough one against Middlesbrough, who are in good form - especially away from home.

They have a good manager who I respect a lot, Michael Carrick, and I think they have been unlucky if you look at the data.

They probably should be a bit higher up than they are. It's a tough game but they all are in this league. I am really excited for this challenge. 

After a bit of an extended break, we need a result and it's a big weekend for us.

Is there a particular reason Middlesbrough's away record is better than their home? 

RM: I couldn't tell you, they have changed shape recently and it's worked quite well but they are flexible.

I think you'd have to ask Michael that, I don't know why it is but when you watch the games they are quite consistent.

There's no difference in setup or performance and they have been good.