SAINTS fans have expressed their anger as two supporters were evicted from St Mary's during the 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough.

Two fans were removed from the stadium following commotion in the Northam corner of the Kingsland stand on Saturday. 

Supporters sang "you don't know what you're doing," and "you're getting sacked in the morning," to stewards following the incident. 

A Saints fan in the Northam, who preferred to stay anonymous, told the Daily Echo: "Every game, the two individuals slap the advertising boards.

Daily Echo: A Saints fan being escorted out of the stadiumA Saints fan being escorted out of the stadium (Image: Stuart Martin)

"They are trying to create an atmosphere. A steward came over to them and asked them to stop multiple times - and they looked surprised.

"The steward then came back with security and they asked the younger one to leave, escorting him out of the ground." 

A video from the scene appears to then show the second individual running after the other, knocking over a steward in the process. 

Saints were 1-0 ahead thanks to Adam Armstrong's opener at the time of the incident, occurring in the closing stages of the match.

A Hants Police spokesperson said: “We’re aware that security staff at the stadium removed two people. However, no arrests were made.”

Saints have been approached for comment by the Daily Echo

Following the incident, Saints fans on social media said: 

Saints this season announced a new stadium layout, involving moving the away fans and adding safe standing, intending to improve the atmosphere.