SAINTS fans have taken to social media to react to their 3-2 defeat at Ipswich Town, which has knocked their chances of automatic promotion.

Jeremy Sarmiento struck seconds before the final whistle at Portman Road to ensure a dramatic climax to a thrilling game.

Southampton had lead at the break thanks to a 10-minute double from Adam Armstrong and Che Adams after Leif Davis opened the scoring on 13 minutes.

Kieran McKenna got the most out of his bench as substitutes Nathan Broadhead and Sarmiento scored second-half goals to hoist the Tractor Boys back to the top of the Championship.

Here is what supporters have been saying on social media...

Lucy Highnett took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to say: "When we concede poor goals or miss big chances, Martin seems very quick to dismiss the idea that we 'deserve' those problems. But if they become a results-defining pattern (which they have), isn't there something more to look at than just a bit of bad luck?"

@shirleymush responded: "It’s not bad luck, we’ve been rubbish in both boxes for years. Martin is stuck with panicky players for now though so I wouldn’t expect him to say the above and risk further damage to their confidence."

Luke Osman added: "Unfortunately the goals we concede are often ‘rubbish’ because we’ve tinkered with a back four that had been winning games, took our best player out of the back four tonight, and continue to persist with a goalkeeper who’s good with the ball and bad with his hands."

@JamesCarr02 wrote: "The better manager won yesterday, unfortunately. Russell set us up well from the start but when it came to tactical decisions, McKenna got them spot on. Martin has relied on the quality of our subs rather than tactical changes all season."

Ben Francis joked: "So yesterday was a massive April Fools joke and we actually won 4-0 right?"

Flynn Jonas said: "Normally I wake up the day after a defeat and I’m already over it, but yesterday hit hard, I think maybe all the off-field news breaking during the match has added to the frustration. Another huge summer ahead regardless of what league we are in."

On Facebook, Dan Huntley wrote: "We are our own worst enemy, we really are. Literally threw that away again just like we did against Boro on Friday. It’s not entirely Martin’s fault but he really must stop messing with the defence."

Tor Stainer Bakken added: "We just can't kill off the games even when we totally dominate and roll up chance after chance. Last night we conceded three soft goals and even though they were not keeper blunders, I feel the Ipswich keeper would have stopped at least one or two of them."

Andrew Waight wrote: "Same story on Friday and many, many other times. Unfortunately, they weren’t good enough and maybe (just maybe) you’ll learn you need to play a conventional back four one day."