WATFORD interim boss Tom Cleverley fumed after Flynn Downes' 99th-minute winner saw Saints secure a crucial win on Saturday.

Downes' close-range goal came 120 seconds after the minimum seven additional minutes had been played.

Cleverley explained how the goal could cost Leicester, Ipswich and Leeds "hundreds of millions of pounds."

The win saw Saints take full advantage of their promotion rivals dropping points, leaving them seven points off second with two games in hand.

"That (late goal) is the biggest source of my frustration. The red card incident on Ryan Porteous was a genuine mistake," Cleverley explained.

"The fact that the corner gets delivered in the 98th minute after seven were added on is a worry. It's not affected the way our campaign ends so much.

"But when there is hundreds of millions of pounds on the line for Leeds, Ipswich and Leicester, I think they could argue that the top referees should be in charge of these games.

"I will never, ever have a go for genuine mistakes. I'm disappointed the corner was taken. I am struggling to see how we've led to that after the 98th minute.

"The whole thing should never happen and I think this is where you need someone strong for sure in the game."

Saints boss Russell Martin did not share the same feelings as former Manchester United midfielder Cleverley.

Martin pointed out that it was a minimum of seven minutes added and felt the referee was within his right to allow the game to continue given the circumstances. 

He said: "I don't think it's ever set at seven minutes, it is a minimum of seven and their goalie took a long time on the ball for a goal kick

"So that has probably hurt them a little bit at the end. I'd probably be frustrated if I was
him as well.

"I don't think they can also stop the game when the momentum is like that. I'm pleased we did just enough to win it right at the end."