EVERY word Russell Martin said ahead of Southampton's Championship fixture against Leicester City. 

Is this a bit like pre-Coventry, where we needed to be calm heads and remember there's more than one way to go up?

RM: Yeah, I get the frustration at the result. I'm sure there'll be loads of negativity because we got really close and then couldn't quite get the result we wanted.

There was not much wrong with the performance. We should have been out of sight, as I said, but we weren't. Now we have to react properly tomorrow. I spoke to you before the Coventry game about reacting and it's a brilliant group of young men. 

Now we have a chance to react again and put in a really good performance. We are used to the frustration and hurt and anger we're feeling right now about the result on Saturday to go and win tomorrow. 

But the end goal doesn't change. We have an amazing opportunity to achieve what we're willing to achieve. We probably just have to be in a different way now. 

How is Stu Armstrong doing after his injury on Saturday?

RM: I think we're doing everything we can to get him fit for the Euros with Scotland. I think he has a big chance for that. I don't think he has any chance of playing for us. He has a big hope of getting in the Scotland squad because he's been fantastic for them and for us this season.

He's been in every squad. I think there's a realistic chance of the injury. He has to be fit for that. So we will do everything we can as a football club to help him get there. It wasn't as serious as we all feared.

But it is serious enough to keep him out for a period of time now where he can't help us, unfortunately. We'll do everything we can to get him fit and ready for Scotland. Hopefully, he'll get in that squad and hopefully, we can see him involved in that.

That will be a bit of good news for him to finish the season in that way.

I presume it's a knee injury?

RM: No, it's his quad. It's a muscle injury.

How do you replace him? He's very hard to replace because of the way he carries the ball so well, but you've got options.

RM: It's just the balance of the team if he's not in it, isn't it? I think he's very creative. He's been a really top player for us this season, a top performer. But we have a lot of really good players.

So, whenever someone, um, loses out or is injured, someone else gets an opportunity. So, someone will have that now. It's up to that person, whoever it may be, to really take that.

Leicester have had their own ups and downs in the recent month or two. They're under their own pressure. Does that help a little bit tomorrow night?

RM: I don't think their situation is a focus for me. It's all about us and the context of how we go into that game. We'll make the players aware of some of the things that West Brom in particular did brilliantly on Saturday.

It was a really difficult game for Leicester, but they found a way to win. They're still on track to get 100 points, which is to have some negativity around that I think shows you how tough this season has been. Because most seasons with this amount of points they have now, they're home and dry.

But they're not this year because of the competitive nature of the league and the quality of the four teams at the top and the ones below them that are pushing everyone. I think Enzo's done a great job. They're an excellent team.

They have had a tough patch at times, the same way as we have and any team in this division has. It's just not easy, but we'll go there and try and make the game about us and see where it takes us.

Is there a particular, key to beating them?

RM: I mean it's always a balance. We will go there and be the team we want to be for sure. The players do that. I think the away record on the whole has been very, very good because the players are brave enough to go and do that.

There's another test of courage tomorrow to go and be the team we want to be. We are aware of Leicester and the team they are. But to go there and go toe-to-toe with them and see who comes out on top.

Can you write Saturday off mentally and focus on what they did well?

RM: Yeah, on Saturday we created more clear-cut chances than I can remember in any game. I think on another day we'd probably win that game.

We will just focus on that, the quality of the football to create chances was incredible. But obviously, the frustration and negatives are we then go and lose the game. Which is, as I said to you, unacceptable.

We weren't able to see it through and that's my fault. So now I need to make sure the players are ready for what's coming tomorrow and make sure that we bounce back and the final destination doesn't change what we want to achieve and how we do it.

What we want to do, but how we do it might have to change a little bit. I think these three games right now are incredible for us in any way it goes. So, whatever happens with other results, but in preparation for what could be a huge three games at the end of it as well.

It's exciting, but it's also frustrating and painful and that's football.

I look at players like Adam Armstrong and Jan Bednarek who have got great character. Can you turn that frustration into a good performance? 

RM: I think frustration is one of the best emotions you can have. When you accept the pain of losing a game like that. We'll be honest with each other this morning when the players are in and then understand what's really important moving forward.

I think the season has been built on feeding the difficult moments together and then ploughing forward and moving on with conviction in what we're doing and what we really believe in. We have another opportunity to do that now tomorrow night.

Will you have a chance to bring Flynn Downes back in?

RM: We'll wait and see because now the landscape's changed a little bit. So, it's risk and reward I think with Flynn, we'll see if we want to rush him back fit," he added. We also have other guys that need to get on the pitch and stake a claim now for the final stages of the season so we'll have to wait and see.