If Russell Martin really wants to take Saints up to the Premier League, then he’s got to stop changing the team week in and week out.

He should know by now his best defence and midfield, but he seems to make some very weird choices at times, and he seems to take the best players off at times to bring on players who are not as good.

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For the playoffs, because that is the only way we are going to go up, he must sort out the best defence and midfield, and if he is fit, he must play Ross up front because it has been clear all season we need someone who can bury all the chances we keep making.

As for playing a goalie who has been third choice nearly all season over the second choice, what a kick in the teeth it must have been for him and a very strange move.

Come on, Mr.Martin, get it right for the playoffs, don’t blow it now.

B Jones