MARK Wotte was rendered “speechless” when he was told he was being sacked as Saints manager.

The Dutchman was told yesterday afternoon that his 12 month rolling contract was going to be terminated, just a day after Markus Liebherr’s Saints takeover went through.

Just hours earlier Wotte was in jovial mood as addressed the press at Staplewood, even talking about his small role in convincing Liebherr to buy Saints by speaking to him in German when he had a tour of the training ground.

Little was he to know then that his tenure with the club was coming to an abrupt end.

The action was speedy from the Swiss but that is no real comfort for Wotte.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Echo he said: “I am experienced in football and know everything is possible but I must say for a while I was speechless.

“I asked their reason and the only reason they could come up with was they wanted a clean sweep and start and I said ‘are you going to sack every player and employee in this club?’ Full story in today's Daily Echo