LAWRIE McMenemy today calls on Saints' missing thousands: Let us entertain YOU this weekend!

The Dell managerial legend and current football board director is asking the stayaway supporters to attend Saturday's game against QPR at St Mary's.

Despite the much talked-about feelgood factor at Saints following the summer changes on and off the pitch, the current average attendance at the stadium for league games is 6.7 per cent down on 2005/06.

After four home Championship games, the average is 22,137 compared to last season's 23,614 average.

McMenemy believes those who have so far stayed away will be pleasantly surprised with what they see if they turn up for a game which could see Saints leap into an automatic promotion spot if they win.

"You cannot demand support, you cannot tell people they have to come and watch the team," he said.

"You have to present a scenario whereby people want to come along.

"The new board have done an amazing amount in a short space of time.

"I know from observing them that they have the club and the fans at heart.

"Things like the supporter services launch the other night shows supporters that they want to engage with them.

"They have been straight-jacketed by the pricing structure they inherited but that will change next season.

"I know there are a lot of innovative things being done to try and get fans along - such as cheaper drinks if you arrive at the ground early, that sort of thing."

The bottom line, though, is that supporters will turn up if the players are doing the business. "Mainly, though, it's about the team - and George has got the team winning and playing some good football," McMenemy added.

"We've had almost a quarter of the league season and two cup games and we've only lost once - and that was a harsh defeat where even the opposition said how well we had played.

"To the loyal fringe who have come along this season, I'd say a big thank you'.

"To those who haven't yet come down to the ground, I'd say this weekend is a perfect chance to pop down and judge for yourself what's going on'."

Full interview in today's Daily Echo