George Burley exclusive

The trouble with football is that there are always so many rumours - as has been proved by all the talk of bungs over the past week.

With bungs, if there was proof that an agent or manager or somebody involved with football was taking money with a view to doing a certain deal then certainly the FA or whoever should be looking at that and dealing with it severely.

But until there is proof, it is just rumours which are always spread about in football.

Panorama seems to have made a programme about nothing really.

I've not seen it all but they have Sam Allardyce's son saying he can persuade his dad to do a deal, but what does that mean?

His son has said he feels really bad about it but to make a programme about that is absolutely ridiculous.

It's terrible for people to be involved with if they've got no case to answer.

There's been rumours for years and years about bungs.

In my managerial career I've never been offered a bung and it's something, as a manager, I certainly would find completely distasteful.

Being a football manager is a very well paid job and you want to do right by the club you're working for.

Everybody has heard the rumours but I'm afraid that is part of being in football.

People make stories and make rumours and you can't stop it. But I certainly don't believe it all and until it is there in black and white there is no real evidence.

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