Chris Hobbs insists he will leave nothing to chance second time around after his much-anticipated rematch against Sam Couzens was confirmed.

The Southampton former Army man and the Titchfield-based brawler scrapped out a thrilling draw last month and demand to see the contest again has been high.

Both fighters were keen to try and settle the score once and for all as well, and they will face off again at the Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth on December 5.

This time, though, Hobbs will accept nothing less than victory.

“I’m absolutely buzzing for this. It’s the fight I wanted,” said Hobbs. “I went straight back to training after the last fight and have made some improvements.

“I’m in the best condition I have ever been at this stage in a training camp. I feel I could fight him tomorrow, and in a few more weeks and I will be unstoppable. I’m hitting harder and my technique is better. I feel very confident this time as I have been in the ring with him now; even if he underestimated me last time this time the result will be different.

“Training is going great and the help from my sponsor Uppercut barbers makes it easier. Win this fight and I will be in line for a title fight next so I have got even more incentive.”

Hobbs goes into the fight with a six-contest unbeaten record as a pro but Couzens has the greater experience.

However, with the pair having fought so recently, they will certainly know each other’s styles inside out.

“I felt I learnt that he can’t hurt me but I can hurt him,” said Hobbs. “I believe now I am stronger.

“I’m not saying the fight won’t be tough, as I expect him to train harder but right now I’m hitting harder, I’m fitter than I’ve been and I cannot see myself losing.

“On the tactics front we intend to start faster, tighten up the defence a bit and really put the power shots in and leave the result in no doubt.

“The last fight was fight of the night and is still being talked about so the rematch will be better and there is local pride up for grabs.”

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