Injured Southampton boxer Chris Hobbs is facing a nervous wait to hear whether he will be able to resume his quest for titles.

The former Army man was set to headline a show later this month at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth, taking on Kelvin Young for the British Masters belt.

However, deep into sparring Hobbs missed with a punch and dislocated his shoulder.

After having it put back in he is now facing a five-week lay-off before receiving physiotherapy, which will reveal whether he will be able to get back to full speed again.

He said: “The fight was all set, it was all going great with lots of promotion and I had a good opponent in former IBO Intercontinental and Southern Area champion Kelvin Young, who I asked to fight to make sure I had a good opponent.

“I was in the best shape I have ever been in and never felt so fit and ready.

“I was super confident I was going to win but last week in sparring I dislocated my shoulder so now the fight is off.

“I am absolutely gutted and waiting to see when it heals.

“I’ve lost my opportunity at this belt as it will be discontinued from May so that’s really brought me down.

“Hopefully it will be good for June 28 when I’m next scheduled out. I’m just hoping my career isn’t over. It’s just a waiting game now.”

Hobbs had certainly put in the hard yards in preparation for the fight but the moment the injury happened it was always likely to be a significant setback.

Hobbs recalled: “I was sparring and it was my sixth or seventh round and I missed with a punch then it popped out.

“It went back in after a couple minutes and I got out ring and was trying loosen off and it came out again. I had it put back in and now it’s just a waiting game.

“For this fight I had sparred 131 rounds and ran 189 miles, not including sprints and running machine work.

“I’m still very gutted as it was my first time as a main event and I have been asking for this for ages but hopefully I can heal quickly and fight for a bigger title maybe.”