Through blood, sweat and some stern words from his trainer, Southampton’s Albie Samways became National Cadet champion in Sheffield at the weekend.

Samways, the Golden Ring ABC star, was crowed the under 80kg winner after beating Kirby ABC’s Edward Maker from Liverpool and old adversary Harrison Pearson in the final.

The 14-year-old’s trainer and head coach at the Millbrook club, Stuart Gill, was on hand to motivate him through the two tough encounters.

“Albie was picking him off with the better quality shots and a few good combinations but not working hard enough,” Gill said about the semi-final bout against Maker.

“I gave him a rocket between rounds and he went out and took control of the contest but received a solid right hand that made his nose bleed severely.”

Despite the referee stopping the contest several times to look at Samways’ bleeding nose, the fight continued and the 6ft 1in local lad won.

Less than 24 hours later the National Schoolboy title holder was back in action in the final.

This time he came up against Pearson, whom he’d beaten at a big fight night at Southampton’s Oceana nightclub last month.

Pearson had the upper hand in the first round with Samways wary of sustaining further damage to his nose.

“I again gave him an ear bashing as he had given the first round away,” Gill said.

“He had to pick it up to win the title.

“In the second (round) Albie stepped it up a gear and pushed Pearson all the way, even though his nose was bleeding profusely.

“He kept on plugging away to just about win the round.

“It was all on the last round and Albie dug deep and took over the pressure to give Pearson a torrid time.”

Samways won on a split decision.