Chris Hobbs has retired from professional boxing after losing his English title bout with Liam Conroy.

The 30-year-old put up a brave fight in Birmingham in his bid to win the prestigious light heavyweight strap, but was stopped with ten seconds remaining in the ninth round when he dislocated his shoulder and was unable to continue.

It was enough to convince Army man Hobbs to hang up his gloves for good to spend more time with his family.

He said: “For me it’s time to retire. I have been boxing 20 years now from starting off at Southampton ABC, to turning pro, to having some great nights.

“My greatest night was winning a legitimate title in the Southern Area title at York Hall, and I came very close to winning the English title.

“I will most likely now do some coaching after spending time with my wife Emma and my four kids - Jayden, Layla, Evie and Iria.”

Hobbs did go out on a high after a messy but entertaining scrap with Conroy which had the crowd on their feet.

“I am absolutely gutted. It was a very rough fight with both of us being warned many times by the ref,” he admitted.

“At the point of the loss one judge had me one round up, two judges one round down, so very close.

“I had a big cut over my eye from an elbow in the third round which was affecting my vision but my cut man sorted it. There were some big shots traded by both us but the ref was busy as it was very scrappy and messy.

“Me and Liam chatted afterwards and he said it was a hard night’s work. He’s had four fights this year and this was his hardest.

“He is a nice lad I wish him all the best. Being so close is annoying but I can live with it.

“The crowd enjoyed the fight as it was at a neutral venue and all the fans stayed to watch it.”

Hobbs will now take some time to recover and also aim to stay involved in the sport that has given him so much.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the years from the coaches at Southampton ABC, my pro coaches at Red Corner Gym and everyone who has come and supported me. I thank them all.

“Massive thanks has to go to my manager Michael Ballingall who has been with me from the start of my pro career and guided me through it.

“I am happy with what I achieved and will be known hopefully as good boxer who took hard fights and did it the right way.

“Also thanks to all the readers who of the Daily Echo and the paper who have supported me.”