Hampshire Cricket will begin next year's championship campaign with a trip to The Brit Oval to play division two winners Surrey.


14 Cardiff UCCE (h)

22 Middlesex (h) Trophy S

25 Surrey, The Brit Oval, CC

29 Essex, Chelmsford, Trophy S


2 Yorkshire (h) CC

7 Ireland (h) Trophy S

9 Lancashire (h) CC

13 Gloucestershire, Bristol, Trophy S

18 Somerset (h) Trophy S (Floodlit)

20 Sussex (h) Trophy S

23 Kent, Canterbury, CC

30 Warwickshire, Edgbaston, CC


3 Glamorgan, TBC, Trophy S

6 Sussex, Arundel, CC

10 Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Trophy S

13 Surrey (h) Trophy S

15 Durham, TBC, CC

22 Kent (h) Twenty20 (Floodlit)

24 Surrey, The Brit Oval, Twenty20

25 Middlesex, Uxbridge, Twenty20

27 Sussex (h) Twenty20 (Floodlit)

29 Middlesex (h) Twenty20 (Floodlit)


1 Essex (h) Twenty20

5 Essex, Chelmsford, Twenty20 (Floodlit)

6 Sussex, Hove, Twenty20

8 Warwickshire (h) CC

13 Worcestershire, New Road, Pro40,(Floodlit)

20 Durham, Riverside, CC

25 Sussex (h) CC

29 Essex (h) Pro40


1 Nottinghamshire (h) Pro40 (Floodlit)

8 Worcestershire(h) CC

12 Sussex, Hove, Pro40

19 Northamptonshire, Northampton, Pro40

21 Lancashire, Old Trafford, CC

29 Warwickshire (h) Pro40 (Floodlit)

30 Surrey (h) CC


5 Worcestershire, New Road, CC

9 Gloucestershire(h) Pro40

11 Kent(h) CC

16 Lancashire, Old Trafford, Pro40

19 Yorkshire, Headingley, CC