Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson has blamed the influx of foreign players into the Barclays Premier League for the failure of British football.

Home internationals could be revived next year following the inability of all five British and Irish sides to qualify for Euro 2008.

It is the first time since the 1994 World Cup that none of the four UK nations will be represented at a major international tournament.

The large number of overseas players in the Premier League has been widely condemned for restricting the development of young British talent.

Prominent figures such as England star Steven Gerrard and Reading boss Steve Coppell have called for the introduction of a quota system to address the issue.

But while Wilson admits clubs like Arsenal are damaging the home nations' fortunes with their over-reliance on foreign players, he sees no solution to the problem.

"I heard what Steve Coppell said the other week after his side was beaten by Arsenal and I understand where he's coming from," said the former Scotland stopper.

"It was embarrassing for him to see his team outplayed by 10 young foreign players.

"I also saw it when Arsenal played Derby, who mainly had British players, and I found that quite embarrassing.

"It's not like in the past when sides were made up of English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh players.

"That's the ideal and if it was like that then British international football would be right up there where it should be.

"I think it's incredibly dangerous what's happening at the moment, but having changed the rules we will never go back.

"Now we have freedom of trade and (Arsenal manager) Arsene Wenger has got it absolutely right when he says it's his responsibility to field the strongest possible team.

"Fans are being asked to pay a lot of money for tickets and they should be getting what they pay for. That's what it's about."

Arsenal's virtually exclusive dependence on foreign players means they appear to have the most to lose if UEFA implement a quota system.

But Wilson has revealed the Gunners have insured themselves against any future changes by developing a batch of superb English youngsters.

"A quota system would be no problem for Arsene because in the Arsenal Under-19 side there are five or six amazing young English players," he said.

"Arsene has told me it will take him time to get those kids to the level he wants them.

"But Liam Brady and Steve Bould, who run the academy, have already earmarked five or six of those lads for the first team - and they're all English."

Arsenal may currently be doing England few favours, but Gunners fans have been left enthralled by the breathtaking football at the Emirates.

The likes of Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor have snatched most of the headlines but Wilson believes midfielder Mathieu Flamini has been the driving force behind their march to the Premier League summit.

"People are saying how great Arsenal are with players like Fabregas, Adebayor and Robin van Persie taking most of the attention," he said.

"But the real key has been Flamini. He's been amazing. He's been like a little digger, a little Ron Harris in midfield.

"Flamini has an amazing engine, wins the ball back and is always available."