POMPEY are threatening to ban their most famous fan, it has been claimed.

John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood - he changed his name by deed poll - could be banned from Fratton Park for persistent standing and ringing his bell constantly during matches.

In a statement from the Football Supporters Federation, Mr Westwood said: “We want to make as much noise as possible in support of our Club. Playing instruments sitting down is not an option and singing is far more natural standing up. After all you stand for hymns in church and for the National Anthem, even in football grounds.”

It is claimed that during the last few games at Fratton Park, Mr Westwood and his followers have remained seated, while normal fans around them continue to stand.

Mr Westwood, who runs a bookshop in Petersfield, claims he was written to by Portsmouth FC warning him that the Safety Advisory Group considered him to blame for hundreds of fans standing at the ground.

He is easily recognised by his blue wigs, numerous Portsmouth tattoos and bright blue clothing which leaves his chest exposed, regardless of the weather.

Portsmouth FC have declined to comment on the matter.