FOOTBALL players and fans were left stumped when a football match had to be called off - because a tree root was growing on the pitch.

Members of staff from each club were tree-mendously disappointed when the root was found growing through the Romsey Town pitch.

Their Sydenhams Wessex League Division One clash with Amesbury Town FC on Saturday had to be postponed after a player noticed something unusual during a match on Thursday evening.

The root was then found near one of the goals at The Bypass Ground. It is believed to be from a row of trees around ten metres behind the goal.

Club secretary Clare Crossland said: "The match was postponed because we found a tree root growing through the pitch near one of the goals.

"We had a game on Thursday evening which was a very wet evening. One of our players after the game said he thought there was something odd about the pitch.

"We went and had a look the next day in daylight and, sure enough, found there was this lump of tree growing through.

"Clearly it must have been there a while, but I guess the rain must have had some kind of effect and made it show through."

Twitter users have joked on the social media site about the new discovery.

Mark Carruthers, editor of, said: "surely they can't leaf it there?" and suggested "maybe they'll branch out to find someone external to sort it."

@markandbevvers joked: "can anyone get to the root of the problem?" and @herbie1932 said: "how come nobody twig-ged it before ...(sic)"

@hawksultras said: "was this true?! I heard it was Pine the sky...", @AdyKnight1 said: "You lot are barking mad..." and @saintsfan1978 added: "Lets hope @Romseytownfc1 get the 'root' issue sorted at the bypass."