Former Saints manager Alan Pardew thinks the new influx of television cash into the Premier League should be used to improve home-grown talent.

''It's a great opportunity for us with this new TV contract and the finance in the game,'' said the Crystal Palace boss.

''You only have to look at the profits we've made to know if you're in the Premier League you should be turning a profit and we should be using that profit to develop young British talent.

''I'm all for that and I think an extra quota of British based players is a good idea.''

QPR boss Chris Ramsey hopes the new rules will help boost English talent, but does not think that will necessarily translate into success for the national side.

''It doesn't guarantee the national team will be any better than it is. It does however make the academy systems worth their while in giving players pathways to play in their country of origin,'' Ramsey said.

''I do believe we import players from abroad that we could easily produce here. I'm not saying we shouldn't have foreign players because foreign players have been fantastic for the English game.

''The top end players have pulled the game up no end, the top end managers have pulled the game up no end, but it's the mediocrity that really frustrates the English coach and the English player.''