The RYS Jubilee Haven in Cowes, Isle of Wight, has been completed with two very important finishing touches having been installed.

The Mermaid, which was sculpted by Belgravia-based Jonathan Wylder, was presented to the members of the Royal Yacht Squadron by the Commodore, Lord Iliffe, to commemorate the completion of the RYS Jubilee Haven, and in memory of The Lord Grantham who, on lst June 1815, presided over the first meeting of The Yacht Club, as the Squadron was known at the time of its formation, and whose yacht was called "Mermaid".

On 3rd May 2008, the exquisite Mermaid was unveiled by Sharron Davies, the Olympic Silver and Commonwealth Gold medal swimmer, on whom she was modelled. The sculpture languishes on the rocks on the elbow of the breakwater on the seaward side.

In the quarter fort now stands the historic RYS Leading Light. Keeping a light burning to help shipping into Cowes was an early development in The Royal Yacht Squadron's history