RECORD-BREAKING yachtswoman Dee Caffari has spoken of her disappointment at falling down the fleet in the Vendée Globe race.

Caffari, from Titchfield, had a near perfect start to the race and after a few days was clinging on to the leaders.

However after eight days of racing she had slipped back to 16th position in the 24,000-mile race.

Speaking from her yacht Aviva this morning, Caffari said she was constantly playing “catch up”.

“I am fed up with where I am and what I am doing,” she said.

“I can’t see a way to get me where I want to be and I’m playing catch up all the time.

“It’s grey. I haven’t seen much, I haven’t seen anyone so I’m struggling to sound excited.”

Caffari was today on a westerly heading to round the Cape Verde Islands.

“I started so well and within a week I have lost it so quickly so it’s very frustrating,” she added.

“I started at the top and I suppose there was only one way to go.

“I really believed at the start that I could do it but as soon as these islands got in the way and they required a long-term strategy. That is where I don’t really have the experience and it shows.”

At the time of going to press, Mike Golding was leading the British contingent in eighth place.

Brian Thompson was in 12th, Sam Davies was in 15th and Jonny Malbon was in 19th.