HAMPSHIRE round-the-world sailor Sam Davies took time out her gruelling Vendée Globe campaign to make a list of resolutions for the New Year.

Davies, currently in sixth place following the retirement of race rival Jean-Pierre Dick, made the most of a few hours stuck in light winds to list some of her wishes for 2009.

Entries on the list include taking a photo of Cape Horn, the most southerly point of South America, catching up some miles on the race leaders and being nice to her autopilot, affectionately nicknamed Chuck.

The full list was: - Sail around the world - Take a photo of Cape Horn - Stop eating the Nutella out of the pot with my fingers - Do not fall asleep with the motor on charging the batteries - Sponge the bilges every day - Brush hair more than once a week - Eat more BUT eat less chocolate - Cancel the above resolution as it is impossible - Catch up some miles on the leaders - Be nice to Chuck, the autopilot - Take no risks The 34-year-old from Hamble added: “Roxy's been caught up by another little ridge of high pressure and we're temporarily stuck.

“I'm doing all I can to squeeze every quarter of a knot out of her to keep wriggling along.

“It doesn't seem fair that the leaders have managed to run all the way with the depression and we're stuck wallowing out here.”