MAYA Yoshida has urged every Saints player to take on the “responsibility” of dragging the club out the mire ahead of a tricky trip to Wembley to face Tottenham tomorrow.

Saints have won just once in ten games and sit three points off the relegation zone in the Premier League.

Yoshida has always fronted up in difficult times, talking to the press about the circumstances Saints find themselves.

And, as one of the captains in the team, the committed 29-year-old feels a great sense of responsibility, which he wants everyone to feel.

“Every single player has to take responsibility, including myself,” he said.

“Okay, it might not be same (responsibility) between me and Hesky (Jake Hesketh), but the important thing is everyone takes responsibility.

“It’s not passing responsibility to others, which is ridiculous, so every man must take responsibility.

“I’m going to be the first one.”

He continued: “I try to leave any negativities from the squad and keep positive and in this moment we need to be one as a group.

“Normally, we have a good squad and good characters, so it’s an important thing that we all go the same way, in the same direction.”