Saints chairman Ralph Krueger has backed under fire manager Mauricio Pellegrino.

In his major interview since May, Krueger praised the job Pellegrino is doing ahead of tonight’s key clash against Crystal Palace.

He also eased the immediate pressure on Pellegrino as sections of the fanbase question his position with Saints sat just above the relegation zone.

Krueger admitted it has been a difficult time for the club due to the Virgil van Dijk transfer saga, though he refused to blame the player or any individual for how it has worked out.

However, he is adamant that with van Dijk now gone to Liverpool, things can back to normal, and that will help Pellegrino.

He said: “A plan was put in place right after the season to consolidate where we were and the transfer that has just gone through is the end of a very difficult phase for the club.

“Mauricio was a part of it, and we were all a part of it, including the team and the players.

“I in no way, shape, or form, am angry at any one individual for what has happened here in the last few months, because it was bigger than any individual, in our club or outside of our club. That chapter closes now.

“The cloud was there, we allowed a certain negativity into our very fragile environment, which is based on positivity, on looking for solutions, on creativity and so on, and I believe we can truly get back to that now.”

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