TO SOME, Arsenal fans are getting a raw deal considering the amount they spend on a ticket during a difficult season.

But they’re getting value for money compared to Southampton supporters according to new research.

Statistics released by have identified which Premier League clubs are offering their local fans the most affordable match day experience.

And in this table Saints are out of the relegation zone and up to 12th.

The firm has calculated how long supporters in each of the 20 different towns and cities where the clubs are based would have to work in order to afford a full match day experience, based on the average full-time weekly wage for the area.

A full match day experience includes the lowest price of a ticket coupled with the costs of a programme, cup of tea, pie and most popular piece of merchandise; which was found to be an official adult football shirt.

The research found that local Saints fans had to work for seven hours and five minutes to experience a whole match day at St Mary’s Stadium.

Fans of Crystal Palace are getting the most affordable experience with locals working four hours and 22 minutes to enjoy a home game and despite leading this year’s Premier League, champions-elect Manchester City languish in bottom spot in the table - their fans having to work for more than eight hours to afford a home game.

A spokesperson for said: “Local supporters embody the spirit and culture of their football clubs.

"Unfortunately, many cannot afford the full cost of a season ticket, so they attend a few home matches instead.

"By considering the average weekly wage for the area in which each team is based, it provides a clearer indication of how affordable match day experiences really are for local supporters in proportion to their income.”