ORIOL Romeu is desperate for Saints to find some consistency after a frustrating start to the campaign.

Saints sit 13th having failed to capitalise on a very kind early fixture list and now head in to a very difficult period until the end of the year, starting at Liverpool on Saturday.

“We’ve got harder games coming up and it will be difficult to get points from that, but we don’t want to say that’s impossible,” he said.

“If you ask me one week I can tell you we are very close and the next week we are too far away,” he added, when asked how far away he believes Saints are from really clicking.

“The problem is not being consistent with our performances and that’s what doesn’t give us that improvement line we should get.

“We’re not feeling we are doing bad performances but we would like to get more consistency in our games and in our style of play.

“We don’t want to just have 20 or 30 good minutes when we are feeling good.

“We wish we could score two or three goals every game and be offensive.

“But we must stay on top of the game. Whether we’re winning or losing we need to stick with our plan.”

Romeu admits that the games against Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham will be very difficult challenges but should not just be written off as defeats already.

Saints start this run with a trip to Anfield, before facing Everton at St Mary’s prior to a trip to the Etihad Stadium to play the irrepressible City.

“The games after [the international break] will be harder but we’ll have a chance to win,” he said. “But it will be harder because those team give you less mistakes to win.

“And as soon as you do something wrongly they will punish you and that’s going to be harder.

“And winning these games, like last weekend and the weekend before, are not easier but we have bigger chances.

“Hopefully we can win the games we think are winnable and hopefully we can face the harder games with less pressure be able to play more.”