The crowds have dispersed, the lights have faded, the bunting put away for another year.

It has been a truly successful summer for events in our neighbours. In the last week we have seen tens of thousands throng Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard to take part in that city's Victorious Festival. And in the other direction, our friends in Bournemouth have seen record crowds - a million people no less - throng the seafront to witness their Air Festival.

Finally, to cap off an end of summer bonanza for elsewhere, we have seen the razzmatazz of the start of the Round the World Clipper Race from London. Two years ago that event was ours, but no longer.

Next week, of course, Southampton will stage its annual PSP Boat Show, and I'm not going to say that event is not important and, for those trading and yachties from all over the UK it is a success story. But as a wow factor draw to attract new visitors to the city of Southampton, it is old news.

All this week the Echo has been underscoring the fact we seem to stand alone, in this region anyway, in lacking something to put us on the map and bring in the crowds with the money to spend. Where is our festival, our Big Summer Event, we have demanded.

Unfair? Perhaps. Certainly I accept the charge that to carp on from the side lines is easy. Others have to actually get off their backsides and create something special. And in other cities it seems they do.

So for the record this paper would welcome the chance to shout about and support a fantastic summer event for Southampton.

Ideas, anyone?