Not certain what former Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne will have made of the snap of him in his shorts strolling hand in hand along a tropical beach with his partner Carina Trimingham that appeared in a national newspaper.

Not the most flattering of shots, a wobbly tummy hanging over his shorts; but then again I’m no oil painting myself.

The photograph and article, which appeared in the Daily Mail, attacked the disgraced former minister for the environment for jetting off to Vietnam on a luxury winter break. After lecturing us on climate change, went the piece, what a cheek to use up so many carbon credits on a long haul destination holiday.

However, even though Mr Huhne could probably benefit from a little warming himself from a new exercise regime (there I go being catty), I doubt if he will be too upset by his this latest appearance on the national agenda.

Since completing their prison sentences, both he and ex-wife Vicky Pryce have hardly shunned the limelight.

Jailed for perverting the course of justice after a very public falling out, which must have put their children and families through hell, the couple emerged separately to renew their public careers.

Miss Pryce has been given a top role advising Business Secretary Vince Cable on the economy and has had her book, written while in prison, serialised in the Daily Mail, with proceeds going to charity.

Mr Huhne has become a fairly regular commentator on climate matters, including a call on the government only last week to use some of the defence budget to repair flood defences. He also took the opportunity to have a swipe at former Tory cabinet colleagues, unnamed, who he said were climate change deniers.

I would think, therefore, his appearance in the public eye, even if unflattering, will have suited his wish to milk his profile quite nicely, especially as the ‘attack’ was in the Daily Mail, where receiving a put-down is seen as a badge of honour for those with left-wing political leanings.

All well and good. But why do I hanker for the times when those in the public eye who fell from grace would emerge from behind bars to quietly carry out charitable works and continue to pay their debts to society instead of rushing back to the podium.

Profumo springs to mind. They did scandal a lot better in those days.

• I can’t show the offending photo nor Huhne tum, I’m afraid, as we are told it is subject to legal proceedings, perhaps on the grounds of unwarranted intrusion into private life. To be fair, I can see how this should apply to Miss Trimingham; Mr Huhne not so much.