The present narrowing of the polls and fears that Scotland may indeed vote in September to break away from the UK does not surprise me.

I for one have been predicting such a crisis since the start of the process, not believing for a moment the almost casual approach by the parties in Westminster to the issue was more to do with the belief the Scots could not be persuaded to leave, than the incompetence of those who rule.

From the moment those who were negotiating the grounds on which the debate would be fought emerged from some dark room to gift the Nationalists with a positive campaign and the Better Together side with a negative stance, I knew this would be a battle royal.

All the UK government, which held the constitutional right to say yes or no to a referendum even being held, had to insist on was the question to be put to the Scottish people.

Instead of asking ‘ Do you think Scotland should be an independent nation?’ which gives the nationalists the ‘Yes’ answer to campaign on, the question should have been ‘Do you wish Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.’

A simple twist but one that would have given the Better Together campaign the positive response to put to voters.

Now, with just five months to go in the debate, the SNP’s campaign grows strength from depicting the Better Togethers as negative Ninnies who always say ‘No’ to everything: no to the pound, not to shipping jobs, no to a vibrant banking system, no to EU membership.

By voting No, the argument goes, Scots are voting negatively instead of for a bright, bold future.

It is a simple and persuasive argument.

Not that the Better Together campaign has not been appalling in its messages. All negatives can be presented as positives. And there is still time for the campaign to grasp that message itself.

The messages now then to the Scottish people should be a spinning of the mirror.

To enjoy all the benefits of the strong pound, then vote to stay together.

To protect and create tens of thousands of jobs, vote to stay together.

To ensure Scotland continues to enjoy a vibrant, secure financial industry, vote to stay together.

To safeguard a strong defence and keep Scotland secure, vote to stay together.

To remain and enjoy the benefits and security of the world’s sixth largest economy, an economy growing faster than any other developed country, vote to stay together.

To underpin and secure pensions, welfare, health and education in Scotland, vote to stay together.

To ensure a strong future for our children when the oil does run out, vote to stay together.

To secure fifty years of ship building future in Scotland, vote to stay together.

To ensure Scotland remains part of a border free, open market of 63 million people in the UK, and enjoy continued benefits of being in the EU, vote to stay together.

But most of all, to stay part of the family of nations that has given the world so much of its cherished values, from democracy to law, from respect for human rights to sporting excellence; a nation that respects its diverse peoples and diverse nationalities yet comes together as much in times of celebration as it does in times of crisis, then vote to stay together.

Truly we are Better Together.

How difficult is that for those who love the United Kingdom to say?