THERE’S no doubt that the Prime Minister spoke from the heart when he addressed the Tory conference in Birmingham this week, speaking of the NHS.

But I am never keen on politicians using their families to win votes. The loss of their son could not be a private matter for Mr and Mrs Cameron as their life is played out in the public gaze.

However, we did not need reminding of their personal tragedy perhaps in the battle between the parties to convince voters of who supports the NHS the most.

Most disturbing of all was the camera trained on Mrs Cameron as her husband spoke of their loss.

She would have known she was being scrutinised at that time. Visibly shaken, she retained her dignity. But no mother who has lost a child should have to go through such an ordeal.

It is time we had a sensible debate on the future of the NHS where we treat it less as a national treasure that can never be questioned and try hard to remove the emotion from such a vital issue for us all.