DO our Brexit negotiators know something that we don't and are not telling us, because surely they can't be as incompetent as they appear to most people?

So come on Mrs May do something for the people who live in this country and stop wasting time telling the EU what good neighbours we will be after we leave, that should be a given.

Do our negotiators not realise that we hold most of the trump cards. I will list a few. Unemployment lower in UK. Germany sells more to us than we do them. We are not tied into the Euro. We are Ireland's main exporter, no deal would devastate them. We would not be compelled to buy EU subsidised farmers' expensive food. They are desperate for our money, hence the divorce bill. They want our defence, security and armed forces involvement. They want our intelligence information on terrorism.

I am sure many more exist that I have not listed but even with these a good negotiator would have a field day holding these cards.

One other point. Who on earth on our negotiating side agreed to the structure of us having to negotiate an agreement on the Irish border, status of EU citizens and last but not the least the divorce bill before talking about trade, allowing the EU to keep using the excuse of insufficient progress as a means of trying to extract as large a divorce payment as possible.

This is negotiating naivety in the extreme. Mind to listen to many MPs it is obvious they have no negotiating experience whatsoever and are merely career politicians and thereby probably lays the cause of many of our problems.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy, Poole