So here we go again...

I am currently out in Los Angeles training and getting ready for my next UFC on outing on 16th February at Wembley Arena.

I picked up a small cut on the top of my head this week so have had to go easy for the last 2-3 days while it heals up.

This has given me chance to get all of my medicals done for the upcoming bout.

I was really pleased to have resting heartbeat of 38 beats per minute showing my fitness is coming together nicely.

I am currently a little heavier than usual for this time in the camp (I won't say what!!) so I need to spend the next week or so getting this back under control.

I now have just over three weeks of solid training left before I return to the UK, so the intensity will start to step up now.

As always I am doing three sessions a day varying from Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Jiu-jitsu and of course wrestling.

My next opponent is a Bulgarian Wrestling Champion, so I need to be well prepared for a battle on the ground if need be.

Dont forget tickets are still available at ticketmaster, and my official walk out shirt from Speak next week!