So the final week of training is over and I am just packing up to leave sunny Los Angeles and head back to beautiful Blighty - God Save The Queen!

My weight is dead on track one week out, so I am increasing my water intake over the next three or four days to ensure I have a comfortable final cut next Friday.

The hard work is now done, and I can not wait to fight.

I land back in the UK on Sunday, and head staright to Wembley until fight day so won't be going home to Southampton first.

I have my Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Coach, Jude Samuel, coming to the hotel for a few hours each day, and also my UK striking coach, Alan Keddle to keep me sharp.

Fight week is always hectic with press interviews, weigh ins etc, but it will all be worth it come Saturday night. Hope to see you all there!!!

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