Another week down, and another week closer to my UFC debut in Nottingham.

It's also my last week here in Atlanta, as on Thursday I leave and head to Alberquerque, New Mexico for my final week of preperations.

My weight is still good and gradually coming down, and I'll be spot on for my final week so I am definately well on track.

This week I have had some really good and hard sparring, along with plenty of wrestling as normal.

I am just itching to get going on 29th September in Nottingham now!

Next week is my final week of physical preperation and when I really start to mentally prepare.

This won't be the first time I have fought in a huge arena with 10,000 people watching live and millions more around the world, but I still need to treat each fight the same, and being 100% mentally ready on the night is as important as being physically ready.

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Catch up next week!

  • To see Tom compete, visit for tickets to the event on 29th September at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham.