Millie the 10 year old Jack Russell is missing and has been for some time.

The village of Twyford is up in arms about it. They need her back, NOW!

The thing is, Millie belongs to Richard, co-owner of the excellent Twyford Village Stores - where everyone in the village well, you know, shops and swaps gossip and generally shares the time of day with fellow villagers. So you can imagine what a cloud has been cast by the disappearance of the patron's own pooch.

It's not that simple though for Millie wasn't wearing a collar or I.D. when she went AWOL from the vicinity of Twyford Waterworks on the 21st January this year. There are some who would say they have no sympathy if an owner doesn't bother to fix a collar with I.D. to their hound but Millie has never worn a collar and has made it through ten years of doggy life so far without a hitch.

The other thing is that it is believed Millie was seen about two weeks ago - details are scant - but from that sighting it is opined that Millie is currently alive and well and being looked after by someone in the area who is unaware of the fuss being made about the missing mutt.

If you have seen Millie - or know someone who has recently acquired an errant andiron answering to her description then please do the residents of Twyford village a huge favour and reunite the shopkeeper with his terrier.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Millie please call Richard at Twyford Stores on 07834 355661