I NOTE that the Bargate shopping centre may close permanently (Daily Echo, January 15).

That this is even being suggested shows that the city is not being planned appropriately.

The Bargate Centre should be refurbished and brought back into use. Perhaps the authorities could encourage this with low or even zero business rates.

One way to encourage the Bargate to be revived is to make it a centre for independent shops.

Also there could be a new attraction in the centre to bring in shoppers, such as a bowling alley in a refurbished Bargate Centre.

Lastly, Southampton doesn’t seem to appreciate its ancient walls enough. The walls alongside the Bargate are mostly hidden by the shops of Hanover Buildings.

I feel that the medieval walls should be opened up for all to see.

Hanover Buildings should be redeveloped so that there is a large permanent market space.

With these changes the street could be renamed Hanover Street and the market called Hanover Street Market. It sounds grander and this would attract many new customers to the Bargate Centre.

JAMES WILD, Lymington.