WHEN in France, having enjoyed many a “ le filet de cheval”, far tastier than beef, I have no axe to grind with horsemeat, indeed I enjoy horse racing far more than looking at a herd of cattle, except maybe Jerseys.

I never buy supermarket processed frozen burgers because I do not trust the main meat content, where there is always a possibility of unmentionable bits and pieces of sinew, gristle etc being added to pack them out.

Supermarkets can grovel as much as they like but the truth is their buyers put so much pressure on suppliers for ever lower prices, heaven only knows what manufacturers have to use in the final make-up of these low-priced so-called ‘beef burgers’ in order to compete.

My suggestion, buy a piece of fresh beef, lamb, chicken or pork and ask your butcher to fine mince it, add your own choice of flavour and then make your own, far tastier and healthier.

Well done the Irish for exposing this incorrectly labelled prepackaged product.

Having removed millions of ‘burgers’ off their shelves, may I ask what they are intending to do with them?

Given the billions they make in profit each year, maybe they should ship them out free of charge to countries where the populations are starving.

To survive, such unfortunates have to eat far worse than the content of these burgers.

Now that would be a goodwill gesture but unlikely. There is more hope that pigs will fly than such a humanitarian act becoming reality.

R C WHENT, Botley.