I UNDERSTAND the reason we do not already have fluoride in our water is because they have not been able to work out the cost.

My last water bill showed increased costs had meant a debit balance with a consequent rise in my direct debit.

I think we all realised that it was going to cost us more to have this unwanted medication but we do not yet know how much.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the producers of this toxic waste are giving a backhander to the water companies to dispose of “filthy fluoride” which they cannot dump just anywhere.

I very much object to having forced medication and having to pay for it.

My children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren have all been taught how to clean their teeth and because some parents can’t be bothered, we find ourselves in this position.

I wrote to the Prime Minister, as requested in an earlier letter, and had a polite reply that my letter had been handed to the health authorities.

Amongst the flannel in their reply was a query as to whether I realised many states in the USA were using it?

I replied that I was aware of this fact, and also that a great many were now removing it!

S BAKER, address supplied.