I WRITE on the subject of bringing home famous liners.

We’ve had dozens of letters saying bring back the Queen Mary, now it’s starting again with bring back the QE2.

These people should realise that is not going to happen, even though lots of people, including myself (ex-Cunard) would love to see such an event.

It’s just not going to happen for the following reasons.

Firstly, no one, including the city council, the Government, and most of all, the Cunard line itself, is interested. The Queen Mary project has faced near-bankruptcy twice.

Secondly, it couldn’t be placed in Southampton Docks, as they are owned privately, and I’m sure they would not be interested.

Thirdly, how about tradition?

Well, I’m afraid that disappeared when the Queen Mary was sold and went to Long Beach in the 60s.

So there is no such thing any more and the history of these once great liners is exactly that, history, and to the owners they are just giant lumps of iron to buy and sell as they choose.

T F SCOTT, Southampton.