FOLLOWING the successful hunting prosecution by the RSPCA, I suppose it was inevitable that all people who hunt should be tarred with the same brush.

The vast majority of hunts now manage to provide enjoyable and purposeful activity whilst hunting within the law.

Following the ban on hunting live quarry, it has taken some time for hunts to develop their scent-laying techniques to fully replicate the diversity and unpredictability of the chase. It has also taken some time for hounds to adapt to this artificial alternative.

There will probably be the odd person who breaks the law, but isn’t that the same with any law? There may be the occasional accident if a fox gets in the way of an artificial scent.

But it is unfortunate that we, the 99 per cent who are hunting within the law, should appear to still be vilified on account of the one per cent who disregard the law.

GEORGE BIDDLE, Southampton.